Data from the paper: Cognitive Consequences of Formal Clothing: The Effects of Clothing versus Thinking of Clothing

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[img] Other (Study 1 Raw Data)
Filename: Burger_Bless_CRSP_Study1_Raw_Data.sav

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[img] Other (Study 1 Codebook)
Filename: Burger_Bless_CRSP_Study1_Codebook.xls

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[img] Text (Study 1 Syntax (Computation of Variables))
Filename: Burger_Bless_CRSP_Study1_Syntax.sps

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[img] Other (Questback Project Export)
Filename: Burger_Bless_CRSP_Study1_Questback_Project.gpx

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[img] Other (Study 2 Raw Data)
Filename: Burger_Bless_CRSP_Study2_Raw_Data.sav

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[img] Other (Study 2 Codebook)
Filename: Burger_Bless_CRSP_Study2_Codebook.xls

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[img] Text (Study 2 Syntax (Computation of Variables))
Filename: Burger_Bless_CRSP_Study2_Syntax.sps

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[img] Other (Study 2 Questback Project Export)
Filename: Burger_Bless_CRSP_Study2_Questback_Project.gpx

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