Data, data-analysis scripts, and research materials from the article: A Sociocultural Norm Perspective on Big Five Prediction

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[img] Other (Material File)
Filename: SNP-B5_Material-File.pdf

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[img] Csv/Excel (Data)
Filename: SNP-B5_Data.csv

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[img] Csv/Excel (Codebook for Data)
Filename: SNP-B5_Codebook_Data.csv

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[img] Other (R-Script for Main-Text Analyses)
Filename: SNP-B5_R-Script_MainText.R

Download (97kB)
[img] Other (R-Script for Bayes Factors)
Filename: SNP-B5_R-Script_BayesFactors.R

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[img] Archive (Mplus-Scripts for Indirect-Effects Analyses)

Download (4kB)
[img] Other (R-Script for Supplementary Analyses)
Filename: SNP-B5_R-Script_Supplement.R

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[img] Csv/Excel (Pretest-Data)
Filename: SNP-B5_Pretest-Data.csv

Download (79kB)
[img] Csv/Excel (Codebook for Pretest-Data)
Filename: SNP-B5_Codebook_Pretest-Data.csv

Download (20kB)
[img] Other (References of R-Packages Used for Analyses)
Filename: SNP-B5_References_R-Packages.pdf

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